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Marketing Items

$ 219.00
Press Release

Professionally written personalized press release on you and your book. Submitted to over 1850 online syndication outlets for distribution. This also provides you with a great marketing tool for your personal use.

$ 259.00
Ingram Advance

Ingram Advance is a monthly print catalog that Ingram Book Group distributes to booksellers and libraries around the world. Titles are eligible to be included in Ingram Advance only once when they are first released. Therefore it is imperative that if you are interested in this opportunity, it must be ordered with your initial POD/Print order. With this marketing opportunity, Ingram will produce a short description of the title—using your short and long description as a guideline,  retail pricing information and a color cover image will also be included.

Distribution – Ingram’s 13,000+ customers, 6200 book retailers, 7000 librarians and 120 international accounts. 6 titles are listed on each page of the catalog.

Titles submitted to Ingram Advance will not appear in the catalog until 3-4 months after the title has been submitted to Ingram—titles are submitted to Ingram approx. 24 hours after final approval of your interior and cover proofs. The three to four month lead-time is attributed to the lead-time necessary for print production processing of the catalog.

$ 259.00
Ingram Advance Christian

Advertising catalog – this print catalog is distributed to over 3,300 Christian retailers, 2,200 retailers and 3,500 librarians.

$ 259.00
Ingram Advance Children's Book

Advertising catalog – this print catalog is distributed to over 7000 U.S. booksellers and librarians and over 27,000 international and domestic customers.

$ 259.00
Ingram Advance EBOOK

Advertising catalog – this catalog is distributed to over 180 eBook resellers and buyers such as Kobo, B&N, Hastings, etc.

$ 349.00
Book Review by MOBIUS - Novel

Professional book review, 200-300 words. Includes press release (with or without distribution)

$ 199.00
Book Review by MOBIUS - Children

Professional book review, 100-250 words. Includes press release (with or without distribution) Children’s Book less than 50 pages

$ 65.00
Marketing Digital Images

Digital marketing images for your website, newsletter, signature line or anything else you can think of – hundreds of potential uses. Click here to view examples. All graphics are supplied in two formats – High Res 300 DPI PNG (8 x 11 inches) and Low Res 72 DPI JPEG (3 x 4 inches). Image package comes with up to 4 views.

$ 275.00
Web Site

Fully optimized – custom art work and graphics, FED proprietary design, 4 page web site, free domain license for the first year. Hosting, maintenance and support invoiced separately. <120.00 first year>

You will receive an annual invoice 12 months after initial set up for $155.00 for hosting, maintenance, support and domain licensing fee.

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Misc. Print Items

Bookmarks, Sales Sheets and Business Cards, Posters and more – please email your sales consultant to place order.

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email – support@firsteditiondesign.com

$ 10.00
Apple TICS

You can now give away a code for your FREE ebook via the iBookstore to reviewers, friends, family, contest prizes, etc. The codes are only good 30 days from purchase. Codes cannot be re-issued – this is a use it or lose it program. You can only buy a total of 250 for the life of your ebook. Once a code is redeemed, that reader can keep the book forever.

You can buy them in groups of five. Directions for redeeming the TICS / sample to send to end-user

$ 120.00
FaceBook Boost Post

We will post your Amazon book link on our FB page and boost the post. FB will boost your book to 2000 – 98,000 qualified people. This would include Fiction or Non-Fiction readers. You can check back on our FB page to view the progress of your FB boost.