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$ 149.00
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Standard eBook Submission

We format your manuscript, prepare submission files, and publish to Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google, and over thousands of other ebook distribution points. We include all metadata and keyword tagging. We format your book in all the different formats needed by our distribution partners, including custom ePub files – also, your eBook is fully searchable. We provide your eBook with a free ISBN. <image sample>

$ 175.00
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Custom Book Cover

Custom art work, high res, formatted:, jpeg and pdf. Includes pricing, imprint and bar code. QR code provided upon request. <image sample>

$ 199.00
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Premium eBook Submission

In addition to our regular eBook submission, this extended package includes “Search inside the Book” with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other venues that allow this feature. Also included is your Author Bio, Optimized Key Words within the visual summary, and Web Site posted where applicable. New features included are- Text to Speech where applicable and Word Discovery. (Text to Speech allows someone to listen to your book via their computer and Word Discovery allows someone to tap on a word within your document and they are given a definition) <image sample>

$ 75.00
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Premium eBook Add-On - After Submission

If you ordered the standard submission eBook package and would like to upgrade to the premium submission benefits after your book has already been distributed, use this link to “order Now”