Cover Art Samples

all COVERS are created uniquely to each title

Cole's Perfect Puppy
The Sweet Revenge Files
The Rope From Peoria
How To Save A Life
Dogs Are People Too
Anything For Amelia
An Unfortunate Place To Die
Real Estate Law & Asset Protection
The War Of The Furies
The Was Of The Furies
UCB: A United Science Of (Phen.) Life
The Casting Of Crowns
Eerly Morning Wanderings
Life is Like a Parade
The Ghost-Ship Mutiny
Comprehensive Review of Phychology
Marco Micro
The Surgion's mate
A madhouse, Only with More Elegant Jackets
Money Anxiety
What is Was Like
Valiant Deception
Against the Current
9500 Riggs Road
The Bellarmine Feint
In God's Time
Valley Of Stars


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